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Hi! I’m Andrée Claude, but you can call me AC. I’m a psychologist from Canada with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Concordia University and a master’s degree in psychology (with an emphasis in counseling) from Webster University. 

I am passionate about creating a positive, safe, and supportive environment for young minds and to help them see challenges as opportunities. My compassionate, non judgmental, and solutions-focused approach transcends across all dimensions of my work as a counselor, a mental skills coach, and an academic coach.

I value cohesion and a close collaboration with student, parents, and teachers. I have experience developing and enhancing my students’ learning efficiency, by means of time management, organizational skills, stress management, focus strategies, and confidence-building. I also have practical work experience in psycho-educational and clinical assessments with children and teenagers. I enjoy cultivating relationships with youth and young adults from diverse backgrounds, which allows me to hone my ability to adapt, effectively communicate, and facilitate positive change as a counselor, coach, educator, and trusted mentor.

My specialties include: counseling, mental skills coaching, sports mental performance, stress management, time management, organizational skills, motivation, confidence, focus and concentration, imagery, self-talk, and mindfulness.

I am Canadian and speak French, English, and German (intermediate).

What Clients Say...


"AC is an amazing guide to my son as he learns to manage anxiety as well as time, space, and projects. He feels comfortable with her, and he doesn't feel comfortable easily. He finishes his sessions with her happy, proud, and increasingly confident that he can do what he needs to in order to succeed." 

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