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Social Sciences & Teen Coach

Hi I’m Yoana!

I'm a Teen and Academic Coach. A little about me: I’m Bulgarian, grew up in Canada, and now based in Berlin. I hold a B.A. in Educational Psychology and Political Science from McGill University, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Social and Emotional Learning from the University of Colorado Boulder. I’m also TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified. I provide social-emotional as well as academic support in English and Social Sciences.

Previously, I worked as an Education Assistant at a high school supporting students with disabilities. While I mostly collaborated with students on the autism spectrum, I also supported those with learning needs such as dyslexia and dyscalculia; physical accessibility needs, mental health, and those needing social-emotional support. What I found is that everything is connected, so I’m happy to work on English homework while we talk about family life :) Currently, I work as a Teaching Artist where I teach English to students across Germany via hands-on, creative ways.

My area of speciality lies in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), that is teaching students about emotions and relationships in a decolonial, culturally sensitive, as well as queer & gender-fluid way. Through this journey, I’ve become interested in exploring opportunities for structural change within education - so how can we reimagine it in a way that better supports the student, educator, and parent?

I speak English, Bulgarian, and French.


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