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Biology, Math, & English Coach

Hi, I’m Kavi (pronounced as Kevi)!

I am a math and science coach at Linden. I am a UWC-USA and International Baccalaureate (IB) alum with a BA from Pitzer College, where I majored in Cognitive Science and minored in Spanish.

Over the last six years, I have resided in five different locations: California, New Mexico, Sevilla, Sulaymaniyah, and Berlin. This has given me an understanding and appreciation of the challenges international students face when adapting to new cultures and educational systems, often in entirely new languages. I’ve also had the privilege of tutoring and mentoring a diverse range of students spanning various ages (4 to 20 years old) and cultural backgrounds.

A fun fact about me is my passion for learning languages. I am fluent in Kurdish and English, proficient in Turkish and Spanish, and have dabbled in German, Arabic, Persian, and Korean! Beyond work, I love being active outdoors, painting, delving into psychology and theology literature, playing the Setar, and indulging in shows across the multiple languages I’m acquainted with to keep my skills sharp.

My areas of expertise for tutoring include: Biology (all grades), Mathematics (up to grade 7), English (all grades), Psychology (all grades), and providing writing support across all grade levels.


Online sessions only

What Clients Say

"We just wanted to send a quick message to express our family’s overwhelming gratitude to you and the whole Linden team. The team is absolutely amazing. They are smart, creative, warm... and already helping D to feel stronger and more capable."
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